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I love words. Often over-used and under-appreciated! We fail to value their power. Our words give life. Our words inspire hope. We birth our own stories and use them to inspire others. My goal is to give voice to the characters in the untold stories of remarkable people. No better starting point than the stories of the people I know best, my family and friends!

I am grieving. Grief can either control us or we can acknowledge it and gain some control over how we maneuver through the difficult times. My desire is to give voice to my grief. It is uniquely mine yet I have something in common with every grieving heart. No better reason to share my journey than to encourage someone else.

And so it begins…with a shift in how I see myself. I no longer want to be a writer. I am a writer! I no longer run from my grief but I share stories from my own grief journey that people can relate to. I no longer give voice to my own shortcomings but work steadily to highlight the stories I believe the world needs to hear. Amazing stories that inspire individuals and strengthen communities. Stories that entertain and educate. Stories that must be told!

5 thoughts on “get to know me…

  1. HEY CUZ I am totally with you on the weight thing…it has gotten out of control! I am now down 10 whole pounds! It is not because of exercising but because I cut out so many bad eating habits…I still get tempted but it is under control….I am praying along with you and my goal is to START back exercising again…maybe today! LOL

  2. Congrats on the 10lbs! I am still trying to tame my awful eating habits…the important thing is that we start somewhere!

  3. Catrena

    Cuz I feel your struggles…I started a new diet on Monday (Food Lovers program). far so good. Down 3 pounds in 3 days. Its small but its a start. Taking one day at a time. I’m pulling for you. I know we can do this! Let’s keep each other motivated.!!

    1. We will certainly keep each other motivated. You are my inspiration!

  4. Tricia Austin

    Congrats Angela!!! Your church family loves you and will support you in all aspects, both personal and career. We share this same grief, of course, as a daughter, your level of grief is more intensified. Know that God is Still In Control. He is Still On the Throne!! Be Blessed in this journey as a writer and be strong as a Child of God!!!

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