Year 46

Certainly, I hope that I have not given anyone the notion that this journey is easy. It is anything but! I have days, most days, where what you see is not what I feel. Life is forcing me to redefine how I see myself. How do I honor the legacy entrusted to me as daughter and granddaughter? Am I the best sister, aunt and friend I can be? Am I taking the best care of myself? Year 46 has me thinking about my priorities. 

People often ask me, “how do you do it?”.  I realize that people are looking for an answer with practical steps that they can follow. Truth is, it is only by God’s grace that any of us are able to do anything. Funny thing, this answer reminds me of something that my Mother would say to me.

I shared all of my teenage and young adult ups and downs with my mother. More often than not, she would listen until I was finished and then tell me to pray about it. I absolutely hated to hear that. Why?  I wanted the answers from her. Not understanding that she was teaching me one of the greatest lessons of my life, I just wanted her to give me the answers. I relied on her to pray for me, not actually do the work myself. 

Time has underscored the importance of the lesson she was teaching me. Before, my modus operandi was to immediately worry about how to fix the issue (my Olivia Pope persona) and then eventually get around to praying about the situation. I relied on self first. Let me tell, that will wear you down. And, only once you’re down and out will you realize that it was beyond your control all along.

“Angela, how do you do it?” I pray. I pray first! I pray about everything, even the small stuff. Even the stuff that I should be embarrassed to mention to my Heavenly Father. I pray. I strongly encourage you to do the same. Prayer has given me peace and perspective. Life changes when you pray but that is something you must experience for yourself.

In Year 46, prayer will remain a priority. I will not attempt to play the role of the ‘fixer’ but I will pray sincerely for you and for me. And, I will encourage you to the same.

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