My Mantra

Today’s blog post should be about my personal mission statement. Because I’m feeling a bit rebellious, I decided to share my mantra instead. Anyone who follows me on IG (yep, you should) will often see my mantra as a hashtag accompanying my posts. My first book uses my mantra as its title. My first purchased logo for my brand includes my mantra. Obviously, it is important to me.

Don’t worry, pray often, push on!

It is simple in nature but succinctly expresses the life lessons my Dad poured into my life. It brings to mind many conversations that we shared and many instructions he expected me to follow. Because my parents operated like a well oiled machine, it also reminds me of my mother. Even though they are no longer physically present, their life, love and lessons are memorialized in my mantra. 

When I’m stressed or anxious about a situation, I repeat my mantra. When things feel out of control, I think about my mantra. When things are going well, I remind myself of it. When the opportunity presents itself, I share it with others. 

Create your mantra. Repeat it often. Share it with others! 

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